Our Practice Areas

Practice Areas​

The successful practice group represents clients in litigation from trial right through all levels of appeal and has obtained precedent-setting court orders in several landmark cases of anti-dumping, contract enforcement, intellectual property infringement and other civil, criminal and commercial litigation. The firm has a dedicated team of attorneys who specialize in the following:

Criminal Matters​

Our expertise is of handling all types of criminal matters and represent our clients in an array of matters such as Quashing of FIR, Criminal Writs, Criminal, Complaints, Domestic Violence, Bank/Financial Institutions Fraud and Forgery, Misappropriation of Funds, Embezzlement, Violation of Intellectual Property Rights/Cyber Laws, Piracy, Dishonour of Cheques, Criminal, Breach of Trust, Cheating, FEMA violation, Narcotics and Drugs violations, Bails, Trial, Evidence, Suspension of Sentence Appeals, Revisions.

Civil Matters

We have a flourishing practice in the field of civil and commercial litigation. Our dedicated team represents our clients in an array of matters such as Constitutional Law, Family Law, Company Law, Service Law, Banking and Finance Laws, Insolvency, Consumer Law, Recovery Suit, Property Suit, Disputes related to Contracts/Agreements, Intellectual Property Laws, Labour and Employment Laws, Tax Laws, Environmental Law, Health Care Litigation, Wills and Probate, Enforcement of Decrees and Enforcement of Foreign Decrees.

Other Matters

We also have experience in Special Leave Petitions, Transfer Petitions, Writ Petitions, Appeals, Matrimonial Disputes such as Divorce and Maintenance, Matters pertaining to Appointment of Guardian and Custody of Children, Custody Claims, Suits for injunctions, Recovery Suits, Execution and Objections of Arbitral Awards, Consumer Complaints, Partition Suits, Property Disputes, Proceedings under the Public Premises (Eviction of Unauthorized Occupants) Act, Suits for Eviction, Mesne Profits, and Damages, Suits for Specific Performance of Contract. Suits under the Indian Partnership Act, Suits relating to Infringement of Intellectual Property, Trust, Suits for Mortgage claims, Suits for Insurance Claims, Motor Accident claims before MACT, Suits for Personal Injury Claims, Service Matters, Labour Disputes, Proceedings before the EPF Appellate Tribunal, Health Care Litigation, Environment Related Cases, Petitions before the Company Law Board (CLB) for Oppression and Mismanagement, Winding Up, etc., Proceedings under the Monopolistic and Restrictive Trade Practices Act, SICA and BIFR, Proceedings before the Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT), Matters under Section 138 of Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881, Real Estate and Construction Disputes, Proceedings related to Telecommunications before Appellate Tribunal under TRAI, Summons and Legal Notices.

Public Interest Litigation (PIL)

We represent causes for public good. A commitment to public service has always been deeply ingrained in our firm culture. We have always been supporters of The Legal Services Committee in Delhi and similar organizations in other cities, providing both legal services and financial support. Our lawyers have been instrumental in the start-up of organisations created to provide legal services to those in need.

Banking & Finance

The Firm has experience with handling large and complex issues in the Banking and Finance area, which covers acquisition & leveraged finance, structured finance, global loans, restructuring, external commercial borrowings, asset securitization and various regulatory issues pertaining to the area.


The Firm possesses vast experience in the Insurance sector, having handled the entire gamut of insurance law issues. We have advised and continue to advice companies in connection with entry strategy into the insurance sector in India, including investment structuring, the insurance regulatory framework and obtaining the requisite approvals. It also assists foreign insurance majors in choosing their joint venture partners and in conducting the requisite legal due diligence, negotiating joint ventures, drafting of various transaction documents, etc.

Due Diligence

We assist in conducting due diligence for assessing legal position and credibility of our clients’ potential business partners, before their entering into major transactions like joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, transfer of shares, commercial lease, etc. We conduct due diligence of corporate documents, title deeds and records, capital and shareholding details, credits and borrowing, tax, valuation of assets and intellectual property, filings with the ROC, etc.

Corporate & Commercial

We provide practical solutions, best suited to applicable regulations in India for foreign investment, regulatory approvals, exchange control, joint ventures, technical collaborations, licensing and franchising, investment structuring, private equity and venture capital investments, import-export, securitizations, due diligence, feasibility studies, corporate legal audits, liability analysis and retail and direct marketing.

Energy / Heavy Industry

We have an experience of working on reports on state-specific energy and natural gas sector, negotiated and tendered conventional and non-conventional power project agreements (including thermal, naphtha, hydro, solar, wind), project development, project-related land acquisitions, regulatory and environmental approvals, guarantees, escrow and tariff issues, negotiation, review and drafting of project and financing documents and agreements including power purchase, coal supply, EPC contracts, O&M, escrow, wheeling, joint development, shareholders, fuel supply and sponsor support and also dealing with the matters of electricity law.

Information Technology

Our work includes setting up of IT-enabled/BPO business; hardware manufacturing; tax structuring; regulatory approvals, licensing and compliance; infrastructure and network providers; content providers; confidentiality issues; data protection; software development and licensing agreements; cyber-crimes and punishment.

Intellectual Property

We provide services including registration, assignment and protection of trademark, copyright, import and export of transgenic patents and designs, prosecution in infringement matters and misuse of information.


Our expertise includes formulation of tax strategies, providing tax analysis and solution in all kinds of tax (direct as well as indirect taxes) issues involved in a commercial transaction.

Environment Law

We offer a wide range of services in the field of environmental law and advise clients on environmental issues that impact on various commercial transactions. We have been involved in various infrastructure, construction, energy, and mining projects in order to enhance their environmental law practice.

Real Estate

The Firm dedicates itself to providing comprehensive due diligence and title verification legal services of property stocks on pan- India basis on the touchstone of providing the most accurate and comprehensive evaluation which is critical, expedient and indispensable for evaluation, investment and transactions. The Firm has imbibed and nurtured a comprehensive and diligent understanding of multi-State issues and local laws / enactments and renders advice on property due diligence (entailing title verification, encumbrance search, contiguity of lands, land ceiling, permissive land use, construction development, review from the perspective of property) pertaining to ownership and occupancy, leasing, stamping and registration of documents, zoning and permitted usage of the properties, vital aspects regulating construction and development emanating from locational proximity to protected monuments, forest and sanctuaries, coastal regulatory zones and issues such as land ceiling, non-transferable lands, lands affected by negative covenants, regulatory and approval issues in the multi-State scenario in India.

Competition Law

We have expertise in the field of competition/antitrust law, with a team with a background both in commerce and economics, in the provision of strategic solutions and in litigating competition matters. The team specializes in all aspects of competition law: cartels, leniency applications, anti-competitive agreements, concession arrangements, abuse of a dominant position, joint ventures, distribution systems, merger control, interface with IPRs and sector regulators, state aids, subsidy and consumer law.

Labour Law

The firm has a dedicated team of attorneys who specialize in issues and concerns related to employment law.

Draft Opinions

We provide a full range of legal research services and solutions to private and public sector companies, firms and individuals. Our experienced lawyers have diversified experience in varied fields of law and render research based services and opinions to our clients in the fields of Corporate Laws, Mergers And Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, Taxation, Banking, Real Estate, Intellectual Property Rights, Employment and Industrial Relations, Power and Energy sector, Retail Sector, Automobile Sector, IT Sector, Media, Telecommunication, Immigration, Environment Law, Litigation, Arbitration and Case Law Research. We deal in foreign investments and give our opinion on various laws and regulations relating to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in various sectors including real estate, telecommunication, hotel and tourism, trading companies, power sector, PSU refineries, etc. We understand the needs and requirements of our clients and provide the best legal solutions within the shortest span of time. We analyse the risks and potentials of the transactions into which our client contemplates entry and assists them in making the right decisions by conducting legal due diligence and investigations.

Family Law Matters

We have a dedicated team of lawyers who specialize in issues and concerns related to family law, including but not restricted to matrimonial reconciliation and mediation, divorce and maintenance petitions, custody matters and family property issues.

Corporate Crimes

Keeping in view the disadvantages brought by the changing economy, we render our expert advice to corporate houses and also leading corporate personalities in mitigation of Corporate Crimes like:

o Antitrust violations,
o Computer and internet fraud,
o Credit card fraud,
o Phone and telemarketing fraud,
o Bankruptcy fraud,
o Healthcare fraud,
o Environmental law violations,
o Insurance fraud,
o Tax evasion,
o Financial and securities fraud,
o Insider trading,
o False and misleading advertising,

o Illegal exploitations of employees,
o Mis-labelling of goods,
o Violation of weights and measures,
o Selling adulterated foodstuffs,
o Evading corporate taxes,
o Misappropriation of funds,
o Embezzlement,
o Black marketing,
o Profiteering and hoarding,
o Workplace crimes,
o Smuggling and violation of foreign exchange,
o Data theft.

Sports Law

We are highly specialised in issues ranging from contract negotiations to representation of athletes, universities, public sports authorities, sports leagues, corporate sponsors and professional teams. We also provide facilities for negotiating agreements between broadcasters, distributors, mobile operators, businesses and social media sites. Our expertise extends to sports, gaming, anti-doping, agency, labour issues, trademark issues, athlete and celebrity management and tax issues. We also provide legal opinions on new legislation, contracts, disclosures, licences and agreements.                         


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